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Atsky's Value-Driven Approach to Cloud Services

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Why work with Atsky!


If you're considering migrating your Organization's IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud, working with a professional services company is a wise choice. Here are some reasons why you should consider working with us:


Experience and expertise

Atsky team has a wealth of experience and expertise in cloud computing. We have helped organizations of all sizes and across various industries to migrate to the cloud, implement cloud-based solutions, and optimize their cloud environment.


Tailored Solutions

We understand that every Organization is unique and therefore we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and tailor our solutions to meet those needs.


Proven track record

Our company has a proven track record of delivering successful cloud projects on time and on budget. We have satisfied customers who have benefited from our services.


Multi-cloud expertise:

Experts in multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This means that we can provide a neutral and unbiased assessment of which platform is best for your organization, and we can help you to implement solutions on the platform of your choice.


Continuous support and guidance

We don't just implement solutions and walk away. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your organization is getting the most out of your cloud environment and that it is always secure, compliant and optimized.



We offer competitive pricing & milestone based delivery commitment.

Outcome-Based Model:

Where No Cure No Pay is the mantra. 

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A New Approach to Professional Services

We at Atsky, are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional services to our customers. That's why we are excited to announce that we are now offering an outcome-based model approach to our services.

With our outcome-based model approach, the focus is on delivering specific and measurable outcomes that provide value to our customers. This approach places the customer at the center of our services, ensuring that the results we deliver meet their needs and expectations. It allows for clear, measurable goals and deliverables that keep the project on track, while also providing flexibility and adaptability throughout the process.

With our outcome-based model approach, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality professional services available. We are committed to delivering specific and measurable outcomes that provide value to You as our customers and help your business succeed.


Key Drivers & Benefits

Drivers: Customer Focus, Measurable Outcomes, Flexibility, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement

Advanced Infrastructure

Boost your business performance by capitalizing on our advanced design, implementation, and automation services. Our expert solutions aim to enhance integration throughput and operational efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce time to market. Leverage our proficiency to identify potential improvements, automate routine tasks, and transform your service delivery, fostering a more efficient, agile, and innovative business environment.

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Tools & Technology


IaC Services

  • Terraform

  • Kubernetes (Helm)

  • Cloud Deployment Manager

  • Cloud Formation

  • Ansible

  • etc.


DevOps Platforms

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Jenkins (X)

  • Azure DevOps

  • etc.


Public Cloud Providers

  • AWS

  • Azure
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
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