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Business needs for Secured Landing Zones

Strategy & Consultancy

Navigating Your Cloud Journey with Safe and Secure Landing Zones

In the digital era, data security, integrity, and compliance are of paramount importance. Establishing a Secured Landing Zone is about laying the foundation for your cloud environment that not only supports scalability and efficiency, but also prioritises security and compliance, preventing data breaches and ensuring business continuity.

At Atsky, we believe that a cloud strategy is not just about IT migration; it’s about aligning your business objectives and IT infrastructure to derive maximum value, all within a secure framework. Our goal is to facilitate innovation, competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, with a fortified emphasis on security.

Strategic Approach to establishing Secured Landing Zones

01. Strategic Planning

Companies require an overarching strategy to tackle their journey into public clouds. Use our comprehensive cloud strategy to plan your journey into a highly complex cloud world.
We assess as-is situation, map it with the strategy that is specifically designed to meet your needs overcoming potential complications & cost overheads. 

02. Help identify value in Cloud 

Develop the business case to determine how solutions can be implemented in public clouds, indicate cloud services that bring right value to YOU & maximize investment benefits. 

03. Define cloud-smart operating-model 

Define a target operating model to enable you as an organisation to easily deploy and improve dynamic management, containerisation, orchestration and automation for a cloud-ready environment in cloud agnostic ways. 

04. Hybrid/Multi-cloud strategy 

Defines a target architecture to seamlessly integrate public & private cloud resources to meet business demands of scalability while integrating with legacy services in public cloud. 

05. Security strategy for Landing Zone 

A well-architected, multi-account public cloud environment that is scalable and secure. We help organizations quickly boot their cloud practice, overcoming insufficient cloud expertise with an objective to secure environments in a cost effective manner. Control Tower, Platform Security orchestrating multiple services on your behalf while maintaining the security and compliance centrally.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Key Drivers & Benefits




Security is the backbone for setting up any cloud infrastructure, and we act as your go to partner to manage and address security risks for your Cloud adoption journey. We do it pre-emptively with CISSP and other benchmarking standards.

At Atsky, we're committed to developing holistic cloud strategies that ensure optimal performance, scalability, and above all, security.


Our experts implement comprehensive security measures, including identity and access management, encryption, network security, and continuous monitoring, to protect your cloud environment from potential threats.


We specialise in setting up Landing Zones - a scalable, secure, and multi-account environment - to help streamline your large-scale migrations and expedite your cloud adoption journey.


Our vision is to create ease of use and adoption of Cloud with right automation levers, saving time to implement, and ensuring repeatability of best practices, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

At Atsky, our vision for cloud strategy is to empower businesses to seamlessly harness the transformative power of the cloud.


We focus on enabling scalable, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructures that accelerate innovation and business growth.


Our strategy centers around bespoke solutions, underpinned by industry-leading practices, to help our clients navigate their cloud journey with confidence and precision.


We help perform assessments in well-architected manner with in-house developed assessments and questionnaire that are tailored for Cloud adoption.

  • Landing Zone and Migration Assessment Questionnaire

  • Security Maturity Assessment

  • Cost Optimised Solution Selection (COSS)​

  • Reduced Vulnerabilities with improved security​

  • Reference-Architecture (RA framework)

  • Implementing Security Command centre (SCC)

At Atsky, we leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies to build infrastructures that are robust, secure, and capable of driving business transformation. 


Our technology-focused cloud strategy is about ensuring your business has the right tools and technologies to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



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