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Solutions that preemptively serve configurations in Terraform, CloudFormation, Deployment Manager, Kubernetes & Helm templates.

Infrastructure Security

Our approach to IaC security

Integrated as part of the pipeline

Involving developers in remediation is the fastest way to get things fixed. Our solution provides feedback directly in DevSecOps pipeline, including integrated development environments (IDE), continuous integration (CI) tools, and version control system (VCS).

  • Provide fast feedback throughout the development lifecycle

Solutions that integrates with IDEs, CI tools and VCS to provide feedback and guardrails in the tools developers already use.

  • Enable fixes with code review comments

Native integrations with VCS creates comments with each new pull request for identified code security issues to make finding and fixing them easier.

  • View all IaC security issues in one place

Centralized view of all misconfigurations and exposed secrets across scanned repositories, with filtering and searching to find code blocks and owners.

  • Build remediation work into DevOps workflowsBuild

Integrations with collaboration and ticketing tools can generate tickets and alerts to notify the right teams to add remediations to DevOps tasks.


Context awareness with Actionable feedback

Help developers move as fast as possible to meet deadlines, providing policy violations with explanation. Build remediations for top applicable policies along with provding detailed insights & guidelines towards applicable policies to get misconfigurations fixed.

  • Actionable guidance

Each policy violation comes with actionable guidance and remediation approach per misconfiguration.

  • Trace cloud to code with code owners for faster remediation

Our deployed cloud resources are traceable back to IaC templates with the code modifier, to find the right resource and team to remediate issues fast.

  • GitOps based workflows

Tracing IaC misconfigurations back to code enables issues identified in runtime to be fixed in code to maintain the benefits of scalability and audit-ability of IaC templates.

Secured Guardrails

Bring in a secure golden pipeline for infrastructure as code to be vetted and enforce GitOps best practices by leveraging automated guardrails.

  • Block severe issues from being added to repos and deployed

Integrations with DevOps workflows that allow for soft & hard fails to block misconfigured code or exposing secrets from entering a repository or deployment process.

  • Extend policy sets with custom policies 

Add custom YAML, Python or UI based policies  to apply organisation service controls.

  • Provide actionable information about failed deployments 

Every scan includes a Code Review with the list of misconfigurations with bug/issues created  to remediate the issue and assign developers for issue resolution.​

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Key Drivers & Benefits

Overall, infrastructure security is essential for protecting sensitive information, meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining business continuity, and reducing costs. With the right security measures in place, organizations can safeguard their operations and protect their bottom line.

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