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Levers of cost-optimisation & unified observability.

As an SMB, professionally managing applications & end-user services in complex public/hybrid/multi-cloud environments can be quite challenging. This is where Atsky brings in specialisation to synergise different systems and technologies that are hard to optimise to interact.

With our Managed Services offerings, we take complete responsibility for the availability of your solution, regardless of complexity, while maintaining the service level agreements. Combined with scalable services & adequate performance, our managed services team strives to bring in the best expertise & predictability to your doorstep.

Expertly manage your cloud infrastructure with our comprehensive Cloud Managed Services

Small Medium Business(SMB) Support

Reliable & Efficient Support services for your Public Cloud (AWS, Azure & GCP).

Support you can trust

01. E2E Service Responsibility

Ensuring end-to-end service availability by taking operational responsibility, backed by our dedicated service management teams.

02. Maintaining Mission Critical Services

Bringing in unique sets of tool, often custom fit for requirement for a robust experience, ensuring efficient scaling of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS components in layers. We work with your teams to guarantee availability of mission critical services and business processes through fully redundant solutions in Public clouds.

03. Managing Complex Solutions

We take operational responsibility for complex systems, architecture in multi-account setups. and take overall ownership in your technology value chain by ensuring availability between internal & external activities.

04. Ensuring Business Continuity

We ensure that your technical solution is giving your business the availability and performance it requires, we have dedicated service management professionals in place. They assist you in securing the continuity of your technical solutions.

From deployment to maintenance and security, we provide a full range of solutions to keep your cloud environment running smoothly and securely.

Key Drivers & Benefits

A cost-effective solution for businesses to outsource their IT needs to a team of experts and focus on their core business activities.




Security is the backbone for setting up any cloud infrastructure, and we act as your go to partner to manage and address security risks for your Cloud adoption journey. We do it pre-emptively with CISSP and other benchmarking standards.


Our vision is to create ease of use and adoption of Cloud with right automation levers, saving time to implement, and ensuring repeatability of best practices, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.


We help perform assessments in well-architected manner.

  • Cost Optimised Solution Selection (COSS)​

  • Reduced Vulnerabilities with improved security​

  • Reference-Architecture (RA framework)

  • Implementing Security Command centre (SCC)



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