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Case Study: Revolutionising Cloud Infrastructure with AWS and Terraform

Client Background:

The client, a rapidly growing e-commerce company, had a complex cloud environment that was becoming increasingly difficult to manage manually. The infrastructure included AWS services like Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Route 53, Application Load Balancer (ALB), Elasticsearch, and EC2 instances, among others.

The Challenge:

As the company expanded, their AWS environment became increasingly complex and time-consuming to manage. The company needed to scale their infrastructure rapidly and efficiently to meet growing demand. They also wanted to ensure high availability and robust disaster recovery capabilities. The manual approach to managing infrastructure was no longer viable, leading to inconsistent deployments and increased risk.

The Atsky Solution:

Atsky proposed a shift to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and Helm to manage their AWS resources. Our experts worked closely with the client's IT team to understand their infrastructure requirements and business goals. We developed a tailored IaC strategy and implementation plan.

Key elements of our solution included:

  • Terraform: We used Terraform to write, plan, and create the infrastructure as code. We defined the AWS resources in Terraform configuration files. These configuration files served as the single source of truth for their infrastructure.

  • Helm: Helm was used for managing Kubernetes applications on EKS. Helm charts were created to define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes application.

  • Karpenter: To manage the scaling of nodes in their EKS clusters, we implemented Karpenter. It helped the client to efficiently manage resources and significantly reduce costs.

  • Route 53, ALB, and EC2: We automated the configuration and management of Route 53 for DNS, ALB for load balancing, and EC2 instances for compute resources.

  • Elasticsearch: We used Terraform to automate the deployment and configuration of Elasticsearch clusters, ensuring the client's ability to search and analyze large volumes of data effectively.

The Results:

With our expert implementation of IaC using Terraform and Helm, the client achieved:

  • Scalability: The client was able to scale their infrastructure rapidly and efficiently to meet growing demand.

  • Efficiency: Manual tasks were automated, saving significant time and reducing the risk of human errors.

  • Consistency: Infrastructure deployments became consistent and repeatable, reducing discrepancies between environments.

  • Cost Savings: Effective resource management with Karpenter resulted in significant cost savings.

  • Resilience: The client's infrastructure became more resilient, with high availability and robust disaster recovery capabilities.

This case study demonstrates Atsky's proficiency in using IaC for managing complex cloud environments. Connect with us today to explore how we can help you revolutionize your infrastructure management.

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