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We love automation & can define infrastructure as a code in days, of course in secure multi account setup.

Not only we design secured landing zone, we do so with automation from start to finish. Our mantra being creating zero touch environments, in secure and scalable manner aligning and adapting to our customers needs. 

Infrastructure creation on public cloud of Google, AWS or Azure, multi-account setups covering the journey with DevOps oriented approach backed by SRE and SysAdmins expertise.

Infrastructure Automation with Robotics, AI, ML

Automation Initiatives

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Automation

Build Automation better & faster with Atsky.

What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

But what does this mean for you?

In essence, IaC allows us to "program" the infrastructure of your systems. This approach takes the guesswork and the manual labor out of infrastructure management, replacing it with systematic, automatic procedures.

To help visualize this, imagine you're building a house. Traditionally, you'd start from scratch, laying bricks one at a time, installing windows, doors, and roofing manually. Now imagine you had a machine that could construct your house for you, brick by brick, with just a blueprint. That's the transformative power of Infrastructure as Code.

With IaC, the infrastructure of your system—be it servers, storage, networks, or even an entire data center—can be deployed, managed, and modified all with code. This code can be written once and then used repeatedly, ensuring consistency and eliminating the room for human error. It's faster, more efficient, and more reliable.

Whether you're looking to deploy a small-scale application or managing the infrastructure of a multinational corporation, Infrastructure as Code provides the accuracy, repeatability, and automation that's essential in today's digital age.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, efficiency and automation are key. This is where Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, comes into play.

At its core, IaC is the principle of managing and provisioning computer data-centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than traditional physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools.


This process, akin to scripting, means that developers can automate many of the administrative tasks that were manually handled by system administrators.

Tools of the IaC trade


How Atsky Can Help with Your IaC Needs

At Atsky, we're not just experts in understanding Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - we're experts in implementing it. With our deep expertise and broad experience, we're uniquely positioned to help your Organization transform its infrastructure management approach.


No matter where you are on your Infrastructure as Code journey, Atsky is here to help. Connect with us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you revolutionize your infrastructure management.

Case Study: Revolutionising Cloud Infrastructure with AWS & Terraform

This case study demonstrates ATSKY's proficiency in using IaC for managing complex cloud environments. Connect with us today to explore how we can help you revolutionize your infrastructure management. Read More>>

Fast, Secure & Reliable

01. Run your Infrastructure in Public Clouds

Migrating to cloud or launching new app has a steep learning curve for your existing teams. We help do it first time right, configuring your Cloud services like Kubernetes, databases, DNS, CDN's, Load-balancers, Secrets & Certificate management.

In the process we save you critical time in your journey to cloud, bringing your overall costs down whilst improving the learning curve for your teams 

02. Infrastructure as a Code Library 

Our collection of reusable infrastructure code for public cloud providers of Google, AWS & Azure solves some of these complex challenges. We offer solutions as no-cure, no-pay and saves everyone time to reinvent the wheel with with our battle tested code.

Pre-built solutions for Kubernetes, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, OpenVPN, Lambda, Kafka, ELK, and many more services are proven
production grade deliverables.

03. Secured end-to-end architecture with HA & DR setups

Customers get a well-architected environment that's reliable, secure, providing highly-effective systems in the Cloud. By integrating the architected framework into professional & managed services, we help our customers produce stable and efficient systems at any scale. Our Reference Architecture (RA) framework provides a blueprint or template architecture reused by others wishing to adopt a similar solution.​

04. Terraform, CI/CD, Github Actions, AzureDevOps

We love everything Automation, and thus the tools that enables us on this journey. While working with tools and bringing best practices is one such part we certainly enjoy, we also heavily focus on People & Process that completes the journey whilst enabling organisation to work differently and adopt processes to thrive.

Our goal is to make it 10x easier for you to understand, build, and deploy software shortening your adoption curve.

05. Automation & DevOps support

Atsky provides commercial support for the IaC Library we supply and Reference Architecture. We support every question, need help troubleshooting, or want design feedback, you can reach out to us via our private, shared Slack channel, email, or phone/video calls.

Machine Arm Assembling Car

Key Drivers & Benefits

By leveraging the power of IaC, businesses can improve their efficiency, consistency, scalability, and collaboration, which can help them to stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

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Deployment Strategy:


Streamlining Deployment for Improved Performance and Security.

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3-factor approach

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enables engineers to version control, build & deployment artefacts while leveraging DevOps processes. This also presents an opportunity to proactively improve the security posture of cloud infrastructure whilst reducing the burden on security & operation teams.

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Workload Protection, Container Security

Containers, Kubernetes and containers as a service (CaaS) have become mainstream ways to package and orchestrate services at scale. Cloud native applications are increasingly distributed across VMs hosts, containers, Kubernetes & serverless architectures. Unique security requirements for each make consistent workload protection a challenge. At the same time there is a need to ensure YOU get purpose-built security to address vulnerability management, compliance, runtime protection and network security requirements for your containerized workloads.

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Compliance, Governance, Visibility

Complete visibility into every deployed resource as well as absolute confidence in their configuration and compliance status is foundational to a robust cloud security posture. Our solutions focus on monitoring  posture, detection & remediation of risks while maintaining compliance.

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